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The concept of Disaster Preparation Service was born in late 2012 when co-founders Richard Nichols and Donald Kiernan just completed their military careers and wanted to continue their service to their home community. Growing up neighbors, the two have known each other for over 25 years and eventually both joined the military in separate career fields.  Richard joined the medical corps as an airborne infantry medic where he served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was later assigned to the U.S. Army’s Infection Disease Research Center where he finished off his active duty career. Donald, feeling the need to give back to his country, joined the Intelligence Corps as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. After being passed up for several opportunities to deploy, he finally served overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2011.


SSG Richard Nichols(L) and SPC Donald Kiernan(R), U.S. Army

With a combined 18 years of military service, 3 combat tours, 40+ years of survivalist experience and living in Florida, we at Disaster Preparation Service understand how important it is to be ready for anything and how best to react to whatever situation that presents itself.  Our highly trained staff is fully educated in natural disaster preparation and weather damage mitigation. We stand ready to prepare your family, home and/or business with the right tools and knowledge to reduce the risk of damage to your hard earned property and, most important, your staff or family. We will evaluate your home or business to provide you with a custom plan that best fits your needs, sparing no detail.




Don’t be left in the dark! Trust the professionals at Disaster Preparation Service to outfit your home or business for survival!