….. It’s 8 hours before a major hurricane is slated to mow through your coastal town in Florida. Judging from personal experience, there is A LOT on your mind. Will this hurricane punch us directly in the nose or will it just brush by us? Is my roof strong enough to hang on with hurricane force winds baring down on it. What should NEVER be on your mind is “will I have enough water to last through this?”

The first step in surviving a natural disaster is ensuring the occupants of your home or work have enough water to last the duration of the crisis. The old adage that states you can live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food should be a swift kick in the caboose if you were unaware of the importance of a fresh, potable water supply. The following basic guidelines should be followed for basic storage of fresh water in your home or business.
1 Gallon of water per person, per day for consumption purposes
3 gallons of water per person, per day for cooking and basic personal hygiene (This, of course, is adjustable based on individual situations)

Although FEMA suggests that every household have a minimum of 3 days water supply stored, we suggest that a household have 10-14 days at minimum stored. So this means a family of four under one roof should have 40- 56 gallons of fresh, potable water for basic survival needs, with an optional 120 gallons of additional fresh water for hygiene and other purpose. You may be saying “Good lord, that’s a lotta water to store. How am I going to find room for all that?” The good thing about water is, unlike other survival necessities, it can be stored in almost any clean container. We suggest using sealed 55 gallon food or liquid barrels, as they are the most efficient way to store large amounts of water. If you live in an apartment style home or don’t have a storage area for a large barrel, 5 or even 1 gallon sealed jugs, marked with a rotation date can be used instead. The drawback of the 1 gallon jugs is the expiration dates, due to the plastic bottles. This can add to your yearly costs, unlike the 55 gallon barrel that can be filled with a hose and purified with a small amount of bleach or clear drinking alcohol.

No matter how you store your water, BE SURE you store it. The human body is a magnificent machine that can perform incredible feats, but without air, water and food, it’s about as useful as screen door on a submarine. Be sure to ensure your family’s survival of a hurricane or any other natural disaster by storing enough water to last through any crisis. The last place you want to be 8 hours before a hurricane is your local Walmart, fighting for the last gallon jug of water.