What about man’s best friend during an emergency?

hurricane_ready_dogAs human beings, we tend to over emphasize things that matter little (in the big picture) and ignore the real concerns. This is no different when it comes to natural disaster preparation. If you’re like me, you consider your dog, cat or other pet one of the family, but are you ready to ensure their safety during an emergency?
Probably not.

There is usually little warning of a natural disaster occurring. This can cause chaos and panic for an unprepared person with families and other important responsibilities. Unfortunately, the family pet seems to be the last thing on people minds. We’ve all heard the stories about the family who slipped out of harm’s way, but Fido wasn’t so lucky. In order to give the ENTIRE family the best chance to survive an emergency situation, you need to have a PLAN!

-Do you have at least 7 days of food and water for the pets?
-Do you have their registration in a fire or water proof container and readily accessible?
-Do you have a secure way to transport the pet, in the event where you need to leave the home?

At Disaster Preparation Service, we ensure that you have a full supply of food, water and other supplies to keep your pet healthy and happy during a hurricane, floor and/or wind storm. We’ll also ensure you have a practical evacuation plan for your entire family, including Fido, in the event you have to leave home and seek shelter elsewhere. Nothing is more important than the lives and safety of your family members. Ensure your survival by preparing your home for the worst Mother Nature can dish out. Your family will thank you, even your four-legged kids.