Tired of heavy sand bags for hurricane and flood protection?

It’s probably one of the worst ways to receive your 15 minutes of fame. I’m referring to standing in line, waiting for sand bags less than 24 hours from a major storm hitting. You’ve all see the news reporters shoving their cameras in peoples face, asking them if they feel they will outlast the storm.


Nobody wants to be that guy. Nobody.

Even if you are ahead of the game and have your sand bags pre-made, life still sucks when you’re having to throw way too many 40 pound sand bags from the garage to the front and back doors. Unfortunately, that has been the only way to prevent household flooding for as long as storm preparation has been around.

Until now!

Disaster Preparation Service now offers a sand-less water damming product, which expands quickly on contact with water. Imagine, having the equivalent of 50 sand bags sitting in a box on your shelf, weighing mere pounds and taking up less than 6 feet of storage space! Set up takes about 2 minutes per household opening and can be pre-activated if desired by simply pouring water on top. These bags have an infinite shelf-life unused and once activated, can be dried out and re-used SEVERAL times.


Never again will you spend back breaking hours creating and then positioning heavy sand bags. As a customer of Disaster Preparation Service, you will receive enough product to cover each entrance to your home. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate from one of our natural disaster preparation experts.