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Disaster Preparation Service offers a one of a kind concept the citizens of central Florida. Due to the constant threat of hurricane, wind, flood and rain damage which Florida is subject to, we build our revolutionary customized packages for your home and business. In short, we prepare the peace of mind needed in a time of emergency.

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The LAST place you want to be 2 days before a storm is targeted on your home town is at the local “do-it-yourself” store, fighting for the last few sheets of plywood and bottles of water. Let the pros at Disaster Preparation Service outfit your home or business with the supplies, knowledge and confidence you need to not only survive during a natural disaster, but THRIVE!




Customized packages may include:

-Emergency dehydrated food supply

-Potable water storage for drinking, cooking, etc.

-Doorway flood prevention items

-E2 Bag (3 days worth of living essential items)

-Powerless communication device chargers

-Emergency pet care

-HVAC system security

-Window/glass door shutters

-Portable gas powered generators

-Landscaping (to remove hazardous tree limbs and other obstructions)

-Custom family emergency logistics plan (custom for each client)

-Safe room construction

and much more!


Protect your pet!


We also offer a complete “Pet Package” to keep your pet healthy and happy during an emergency or natural disaster situation. (Included in home preparation packages or sold separately.)